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Visual SIMMOD is a complete set of tools designed to work with the FAA's SIMMOD model.  Over four years of development have created an environment which is both easy to use and powerful at the same time.

Used worldwide by a wide variety of SIMMOD aviation professionals, Visual SIMMOD has established itself as the premiere aviation simulation productivity tool.  From preparing input, to running the model, to computing results, Visual SIMMOD has a solution which not only makes SIMMOD far more useable, but speeds your work dramatically.

Visual SIMMOD includes the following advanced features:

  • SIMMOD-In-A-Day tool which allows prototyping of a SIMMOD study in about a days time.
  • A complete graphical user interface supporting all SIMMOD data stored in a relational database system.
    • Drag and drop SIMMOD network features over graphical representations of your own CAD drawings.
    • Cut, copy and paste to your favorite spreadsheet programs.
    • Fully integrated and searchable help system.
  • Complete "Getting Started" tutorial written with beginners in mind.
  • 3D Animation program featuring realistic aircraft icons and your own scenery.
  • 2D Animation program with tools to enhance input preparation and for distinctive presentations.
  • A Reporter module which writes it's output to spreadsheets for ease of examination.

The Network Builder tool supports studies containing multiple airports.  Each airport may have multiple runways, gates, departures queues, taxiways, deicing areas, staging areas, concourses, airspace routings, sectors.

CAD drawings may be imported as a background layer for development of highly accurate ground models and   airspace development is aided by the use of the Network Builder which can display airspace structures, fix locations and other navigational aids, and other GIS data.

The 3D Animator allows presentations that go far beyond what a 2D animation can provide.  All objects in the 3D Animation are to scale, including aircraft, buildings, and the airfield.  As with the Network Builder, CAD drawings may be imported.  Overhead photos may be used as background layers as well.  Runway markings are vivid and drawn to specifications as published by the FAA.  Navigation through the 3D Animation occurs via either user-defined viewing positions or by placing yourself in a user-defined "Fly-Through" of the simulation.

The 2D Animator represents the most advanced SIMMOD results analysis tool available to the general public.  Detailed views of the simulation results are available for both airfield and airspace operations.  Clicking on an aircraft icon results in that aircraft's information being presented on the map graphics as well as in tabular format.  Aircraft paths are curved and aircraft never stop in the airspace during a simulation hold.  As with other Visual SIMMOD tools, the 2D Animator has superior graphics import and display capabilities.  CAD drawings, GIS information, and other graphical items can be displayed.

The Reporter module gives you results other toolkits fail to provide while providing you those results in spreadsheet format.  You can get right to work after running the Reporter module.  And depending on the configuration you choose, hundreds of different reports are possible. 

The Reporter module provides two industry exclusive reports that everyone seems to want.  Fuelburn statistics and controller workload statistics are provided in a flexible manner that can be adjusted for your own circumstances.  In addition, instantaneous occupancies, entries/exit into/from sectors (both airspace and airfield), aggregated or specific data are all possible with this one of a kind tool.

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