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SIMU26 Explorer

Part of the Visual SIMMOD Toolkit

The SIMU26 Explorer program enables the SIMMOD analyst to view multiple SIMU26 (History) files in a color coded viewer. Some notable features of the SIMU26 Explorer are:

  • Color coding for each History Code type. SIMU26 file codes such as NM, TX, and HW may have distinct colors assigned to each of them. The color codes are user-definable and are saved to a configuration file.
  • Searches for user defined text. The SIMU26 Explorer allows the analyst to search for any arbitrary string in a SIMU26 file. Once the text has been located it is brought into view and highlighted. Searches can be performed in either the forward or reverse directions.
  • Searches for flight numbers. The SIMU26 Explorer is aware of the format of the SIMU26 file and can search for a specific flight number in the file. Flight number searches can be performed in either the forward or reverse directions.
  • Automatic reload of SIMU26 files that have changed. Every five seconds the SIMU26 Explorer checks your SIMU26 file to see if it has changed. If the SIMU26 file has changed then the SIMU26 Explorer can automatically reload the SIMU26 file for you. Or you can configure the SIMU26 Explorer to merely place an asterick in the filename title bar.
  • Viewing of multiple SIMU26 files simultaneously. This functionality makes comparing before and after runs of SIMMOD a snap.


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