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The SIMMOD to INM Tool converts your SIMMOD data into INM data.

SIMMOD routes, aircraft models, and flight operations are transformed into their INM equivalents via this easy-to-use, yet powerful tool.

Beyond the one-to-one data conversion issues, SIMMOD to INM can merge multiple SIMMOD applications (perhaps one per airport configuration) into one consolidated INM study representing annual operations.

And after you have everything appropriately configured, the SIMMOD to INM Tool makes teamwork easy by providing a method to run the system via batch files.

The batch capability allows your SIMMOD and INM engineer(s) to work on their portions of the project in parallel.

When your SIMMOD engineer has a new, or altered, set of SIMMOD results just run the SIMMOD to INM converter in batch mode to produce a new set of INM inputs.

Within minutes, the INM engineers can immediately begin evaluating the new INM inputs.

With the SIMMOD to INM Tool changes in SIMMOD routings or flight operations will no longer cause your SIMMOD and INM results to become mismatched.


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