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AirportTools, Inc.

Professional Aviation Simulation Tools


Part of the Visual SIMMOD suite of SIMMOD productivity tools

Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, JSIMMOD easily surpasses current aviation simulation models and proves to be a powerful platform suitable for hosting a wide range of new modeling needs.

Designed to be a drop in replacement for SIMMODtm, the FAA's Airport and Airspace Simulation Model, JSIMMOD comes with Visual SIMMOD for no additional cost.

JSIMMOD provides a wealth of aviation simulation capabilities beyond SIMMOD including:

  • Simmod compatibility - Re-use your SIMMOD data.
  • User-Defined Scripted Logic - Add your own logic with the full featured Aeroscript scripting language (included).
  • Broadcasters and Listeners - Controllers, ramp managers, and pilots can be simulated.
  • Cross platform - Use JSIMMOD on a Mac, Linux, Solaris, or even Windows.
  • Dynamic Multivariate Taxipath Selections - Traverse a taxipath, watch for problems, re-evaluate taxipaths, travel on a new taxipath.
  • Dynamic Gate Selections - Select a gate, re-evaluate during taxiing or flight.
  • Dynamic Runway Selections - Select a runway, re-evaluate any number of times.
  • Dynamic Route Traversals - Traverse one or more routes, select future routes at any point in time.
  • Complex Weather Scenarios - Dynamically create weather conditions which change the model's outcome.
  • Other vehicles - Simulate ground support vehicles.

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